Web Applications of Geographic Data Analysis.

The technological developments and the easy connection of cartographic products with web portals, easily accessible to the general public and the use of geospatial data are well known today and have become necessary. The applications are online and are easily manageable even from mobile phones.

Map Ltd., in collaboration with Terra Ltd., has developed a big number of applications which analyze, manage and use geographic data of all kinds. The applications are addressed to all categories of users, from specialized users who use the applications for professional purposes to the general public that is looking for a restaurant’s address or a night pharmacy.

Commercial data are hosted on the Company’s serves. Data that support specific applications servicing specific needs of customers are hosted on an indicated by the end user place.

Map Ltd. has the appropriate expertise for the development of webGIS and mobile applications. The applications are implemented with the cloud computing technology and are offered in accordance with the model Software as a Service (SaaS). The applications are developed using cutting-edge technology: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ESRI ArcGIS 10.0, Apple iOS 5.1

The “Georeferences” combine descriptive with spatial information and create easily understandable and utilitarian maps which the analyst/ user of the system uses as a documentation element of his analysis. The tool can be used in a great number of commercial activities such as telecommunications, super markets, tobacco companies, banks, shops and shopping centers, fuel companies, merchandisers that have individually or totally a large list of clients, outlets and distribution points that wish to include geography in the analysis of sales, ​​store development, distribution, marketing and other areas of business.

The geographic data produced enable the detailed analysis (up to a block’s level) and combine demographic data, financial data and distances of road network.

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