Forest Maps

Forest Maps is a tool for the promotion, delimitation and protection of the forests and forested areas of the country, while it is also the means with which the Forest Management Agency declares the Public Property during the cadastral register procedure in a PanHellenic level. A Forest Map includes:
I.    The boundaries of woodland and grassland areas in the oldest aerial images available (usually taken in 1945 and in some cases before).
II.    The boundaries of woodland and grassland areas in current condition.
III.    The final administrative acts issued by the Forest Management Agency (Characterization Acts of individual parcels, declarations of deforested areas etc.)
IV.    Approved town and settlements plans.
V.    Areas of settlement (areas distributed to citizens or bodies for cultivation, pastures etc.)In order to create this product, we use aerial images and field inspections and the mapping of the data mentioned above takes place digitally on orthophotomaps. Map, in cooperation with XYLOTECHNOLOGIA S.A., has produced Forest Maps for four districts of Greece, covering an area of more than 20.000km². For the digitizing we used stereo-pairs of the aerial images of 1945 and not orthophotomaps in order to obtain more accurate results and save time regarding editing and corrections.