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In bibliography of cartography it is mentioned that the first maps preceded even writing. The inability to supervise the geographical space very soon led in the principal of representation of the environment. What brought the revolution on cartography was the evolution of electronic equipment and software and, of course, the participation of Geographic Information Systems.
Map Composition is an extremely complex process demanding specialized knowledge and experience. The kind and the amount of information depicted is defined by the purpose and the audience a map addresses to. Thematic maps address to the total of operational decision making centers and today we create maps for infrastructures, navigation, engineering projects, demographic purposes, market analysis, risk management, population, urban planning, development etc.
Map, as a company of geographic data acquisition and processing, composes maps with various thematic levels and uses, from fleet navigation and best routes to geological maps and natural disasters and phenomena dynamic maps.
The company has developed special symbolizations for every application and possesses  a huge archive in Greece and Cyprus, extracting information on contour lines, road network categorized in five levels, settlements, place names, points of interest, markings, routing, roads naming and numbering.