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The Defense and Security sector is the largest and most important user of geospatial data. Owing to the increased availability and very high resolution of satellite and aerial images from many providers, the supply is big, resulting in a continually increasing of new data.
Map has participated in many projects and is a reliable provider of the defense industry. The geospatial data delivered range from Satellite Images to aerial images of high resolution, Lidar data and mapping services. All emergency services are at the forefront of the national prevention, protection and rescue. Map offers services in applications of emergency management, analyzing and simulating confrontation scenarios. The geospatial data can be used to improve the effectiveness and dealing with emergencies.
Map has already delivered a complete application of fire prevention, extension and firefighting, has simulated a crowd control and management scenario, has implemented a study in visibility and obstacles and today is developing a software based on the multiple images acquisition target mode of PLEIADES Satellites. On a research level, with the collaboration of Terra Spatium S.A., we investigate Environmental monitoring on floating rigs and Sea Room monitoring through TerraSAR-X data and the use of the unmanned Schiebel in the security sector.