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The contemporary social and financial situation has led in a dead end the functionality and productivity of the Public Sector.  On the one hand, there is always the need for support services development on a national or local level and on the other hand, the continuous budget increasing and the economic weakness is impeding Services function.
Map can offer Local Authorities geographic data that reduce the costs of site visits, allow immediate decisions and can be integrated into applications that manage their overall area. This is an excellent return on investment and can save large amounts of budget originally required.
The products and Services of the Company offer direct data and can represent the areas of interest, saving time and resources of the services. We offer solutions for the calculation of constructions’ and residencies’ heights, vertical and oblique aerial images of high resolution that allow the extraction of important information, solutions for the operational capacity of waste collection, electricity networks, water supply and drainage, road network markings and property management.
Especially, Map has developed an application for the update of registered charging areas of municipal taxes. This application achieves an impressive increasing in municipal income.
Map offers a complete range of services, from conventional topographic surveys to complex geographic data which delivers certified, in full compliance with the requirements of the INSPIRE community directive. These products and services create the necessary base for the creation of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
Map has completed a series of documentation and GIS projects for Public Bodies. The use of GIS particularly is an integral tool of deliverables, creating an integrated platform of geospatial data management.