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Utilities Networks together with the Transportation Networks are the most important investments of a state and the pillars of the development and the improving of the life quality. Networks include Energy, Telecommunications, Water Supply and Drainage. Their sufficient management is of national importance and their coverage area includes the whole country.
Unfortunately, the services of utilities networks management, despite the rapid development of the equipment’s technology, have neither updated nor functional basemaps on which planning, management, analyzing of the function and maintenance needs to be done. Available information is usually provided with the form of old plans, mainly analogue, with independent projection systems and often with no geometric accuracy at all.
Almost all water supply services and the electricity distribution networks function, in essence, with no geographic basemaps and with no descriptive information about the kind, the position and the construction elements of materials. Networks of high, medium and low (over ground and underground) voltage in energy and networks of water supply and drainage are not documented, leading the administrative organizations in a dead end.
Map offers services of digital registration (geometric and thematic/informative) of the analogue and digital (where available) diagrams that describe the utilities networks. The Company provides a complete solution that includes storing, analysis, presentation and information management concerning the networks. The data are related to their geographical position. In other words, it combines levels of information that can be presented with maps, tables, objects or any information containing a geographic element.
Map has successfully documented the construction elements (kind and dimensions of conduits) of the water supply network in Zakynthos and Arta, the positions of electric lightning in Thessaloniki, Loutraki and Zakynthos and has delivered an accurate digital terrain model of Leonidio in Arcadia and the Municipality of Loutraki –  Perahora for the survey of drainage and the location of currents.