Aerial Imagery

Map is a pioneer in aerial imagery and digital process. Technology has evolved dramatically from the analogue receivers with their incredible specialized technical features to the modern revolutionary digital acquisition. However, the original concept of the use of images in mapping remains the same. Map has a great experience in acquisition and processing of aerial images with image pixel size varying from some mm (terrestrial images) to some meters (satellite images).

Large format aerial photography for metric purposes that require manned specialized aircrafts equipped with photogrammetric cameras of very high cost is offered by Map in projects of large areas mapping (more than 50km²) aiming at 10cm – 30 cm resolution. Higher resolutions, are required for small areas and, in this case, unmanned flights solutions are sufficient. On the other hand, satellite images can be used for lower resolutions.

With contemporary technology, aerial photos of large format remain ideal for the mapping of large areas such as countries, regions or Municipalities in order to create basemaps (orthophotos) and digital terrain models of high resolutions. In addition, aerial images offer a cost-effective and accurate method of mapping and modeling.

Map also develops applications for internet services and web catalogues using aerial images as a basemap for navigation, applications for consultant companies that need high resolution images for real estate management and applications for field setting out.

For the implementation of the aforementioned projects, Map cooperates with specialized partners in Greece and abroad who have at their disposal the necessary equipment and has access in an aircraft fleet with cameras (DMC, Vexcal UnltraCam) which meets the most demanding requirements in accuracy, desired height, resolution and deliverables, allowing immediate transition in short time and in any position, quickly and effectively.